In the quest to delineate the luck...

It relates to one Gopala, one of the glum and pitiable those of a infinitesimal community. In this village, they all know their range of energy and parametres of happening. Yet, Gopala dared to see dreams of comfort defying the street map of his "destiny". Gopla is a depiction of joint man at volumed in our social group. They have missing confidence in their ability and experience and discern unsuccessful in their endeavours. But still, they are conformation prospect antagonistic anticipation. In this juncture, a slim "signal" of prospect and cool from any one-fourth in any form, although illogical/unfounded and "misplaced, it would impart a firm movement in their lives, to break the rules so titled "destiny" to pass.

It is relation of poor Gopala who is an old man with a household to air after. The small town has no facilities or resource for employment. He is conscious on a extremely hardscrabble takings. Like him, the other than folks in his settlement are warfare day and dark for their life in opposition gradually excruciating unfavorable communal and financial provisos. Going finished a vastly constraint lifestyle, they just about chuckle and seldom transaction widespread pleasantries when external body part each other. They are not laughing and are usually seen unsmiling and near sad faces. Gopala is likewise one of them. Compared to villagers of opposite close well-fixed areas, the general public of his community aspect haggard, starving and thwarted. For few years, nearby have been order of terrible dryness. Most of the folks has straying their Land and other properties due to non-attendance of loans and their bos taurus have likewise perished. For them, love, emotions have dry drawn out rear near the uninterrupted droughts. When they face up you would see the foreboding in they opinion. It is the misgivings of aliveness. The small town consists of fundamentally infirm, sad and foiled ones who have expectation in themselves but yet to concede anything operative. They grain that "destint" has merely laid a duration overloaded of miseries for them and it is not accomplishable to worm out. Most of them perceive defeated and submitted to this permanent setting of duration.

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But Gopala is a divergent human being. If you survey massively confidentially and shout to him you would spectacle if ever he had heard a melodic name or appreciation from any one. But fixed he is not unmannered in his knowledge/ act and he is suggestible to new accepted wisdom. While allocation wordlessly your company, he would never let you cognise the wakeless depression inundating his bosom. He would not let you cognize roughly his worries and fury. But gradually, he is besides progressively cave in fur. His sureness that "good days" would indeed go one day is dissipating beside all ephemeral day. He has heard that this year likewise here would be other time period of drought near intense results. His on a daily basis prayers have too yielded nothing. But he is fixed compliance religion. Gopala is almost now one of the villagers who are lost, standing and completely defeated. He has gone astray confidence, his capability and to every level his coherent intelligent.

He has now detected in the region of the "miracles" of trickery stones of an soothsayer. After vacillant in heed for few days, he has met him final period of time. After examining his showtime chart, the Astrologer has well-advised him a chromatic that would transport end to his hardship and he would get on upon a new jolly existence. Not individual that, after his area reading, the astrologist has told him that a intense destiny is ready for him. He had fixed a open deliberation of completed the part. He is not certain if this could be the new first of his life. But the "lure" of achieving a great natural life done the all-powerfulness of small rock has flooded him. By sacrificing a well-behaved magnitude of his energy monthlong savings, Gopala is now wearing a "Ring of a semi-precious stone". Despite aversion from my family members. he is conformation his religion. He someways convinced new that the momentum of stones would displace the dimness of trouble and front him to the path of occurrence transferral cheer to his home. Gopala is now seen minute upbeat and jocular. With peal in his possession, he feels confident, candidate and ready impatiently "miracles" to pass off in a while.

Gopala has detected nearly miracles of stones. He has learnt that villagers proximate achieved brobdingnagian positive feature and affluence after possessing the gymnastic apparatus. He has also heard that multifactorial ailments have been cured by grab small rock. He has told his neighbours in the region of this. They have as well noticed changeover in him and are want the blessings of the forecaster. Some of the villagers are now this unarbitrary gymnastic apparatus and after "knowing their viable future" a new wind speed of certainty is blowing through them.

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Days have passed by. Nothing has exchanged. It is the aforementioned old narrative and the same mediocre circumstances. But Gopala is now not a very broken man and has a stone of obligation. The restraint next to other members of settlement has started tiring out. They have move out amenably beside their "disbelief" terminated the nugget and "predictions" made for them. They have down out gymnastic apparatus/ shouted at Astrologer and asked Gopal to proceeds out the self and filch the go more than seriously. Gopla, however genuinely believed each and both sound told by prognosticator just about the stone/ fortune telling and is forgiving and cool as a cucumber. The speech of astrologer had given him a fresh "motivation" to exchange blows final to defy his doom. In the society, we have need of piling from respectively opposite. When specified support is not sociable from any quarter, a wobbly gesture of sustain in the manner [even in a word form of a stone] is seen as a tender. One defeated to misfortune, would be to accept anything, anybody, if it could change somebody's mind him that by that he would be competent to vary/ revision his destiny, defying logic and reasoning.

Gopla is not deterred next to shocks of time. Come what may and what new villagers think, he is would-be. He would examine his luminous little nugget steady in the ball all period lower than obscure moonlight, near the expectation that it would send a new letting of existence for him and loved ones.

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