As a miniature boy growing up in Bed-Sty Brooklyn I accepted an pedagogy like no new from a Black Man born in South Carolina. I started my background near him at age 8. He told me stories of my parent. He told me once my parent got off the "Night Train", "Papa had A Brand New Bag". To ensure I was a smashing boy and orientated my manners he would peril to call for my begetter and say, "Papa come in present immediate and bring on him that defeat insert." I knew "Papa don't income no mess". This man had me so scared; "I'd crack out in a freezing sweat". If I saw him with the failure shoot I would try to grasp it out of his keeping. He would let somebody know me to "Give it up and bend it loose".

I grew up as a juvenile person in New York in the 70's. It was the most favourable juncture on the worldwide. Why? Afro's and Hot Pants were every where on earth. At age 13, I just knew I was in nirvana.

I came to cognise this man as the God Father. As a youth he educated me almost women, liking and national state of mind. He craved me to be self-respectful of who I was. So he wrote a limerick. Would you same to comprehend it? Well present it goes. He would say, "Say It Loud" and I would repeat "I'm Black and I'm Proud" He'd say, "I don't privation no organic structure to elasticity me nada open up the movable barrier and I'll get it himself". The God Father later told me that I had inner self and "I'm Super Bad".

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Looking at those girls in location outfits he'd speaking in my ear that I should embezzle her gangly toughness and all. When we were walk-to behind the streets he would spike the women out to me, one at a event. And don't let them be exhausting Hot Pants. He'd phone them out. "Hot Pants Hot Pants. That's wherever it's at. That's where it's at." It took me along event earlier I comprehended what he meant by that's wherever it's at. The God Father too told me that "It was a man's global. But it intended nothing, goose egg minus a female person or a adult female." I believed what he aforementioned was correct because my consciousness was blocked on those women in their Hot Pants.

All finished my being I would try to simulate how he danced and I got genuinely superb at it. As I got elderly he began to bequeath me advice and told me to "Get on the Good Foot". I had no view that one linear unit was well again than the separate. Then he tutored me how to "Get up and do My Thang, Movin, Grovin". I was so worked up that I had "Ants in my trousers and I obligation to dance".

When I went distant to institute I had an row beside my young woman pal from High School, and I told her correctly what my God Father had educated me to say. I told her she was "Talking high-pitched and oral communication nothing, merely dictum nothing". We bust up. I met human new. Then she near me for a individual of mine. Boy was I mad. My God Father had the spoken communication for me to say then too. I told my friend, "You finer get in position for the Big Pay Back". Till this day I don't know why she left me, conceivably because, "I'm a grabby man, acquisitive man; yes I'm a covetous man". My God Father said, "Now brother don't bestow your house carry out un done." Well I got that communication reverberating and unmistakable. From now on once ever I am moon-faced near that form of situation, instead of walking around "Bewildered", I'll relay her that she better-quality "Think, think, think". When she starts to parley back, I'll say "Static, Static, Static don't launch no custom be none". If that does not employment I'll say "Baby you're right". And if that does not profession I'll be fluff on my knees saying, "Please, please, please". If she is scatterbrained adequate to move me, The God Father told me to communicate her that, "I've got a bag of my own".

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The God Father even has my brood singing, "I playing in America". Now he has captive on to be near our eden father, but I thank him for his power on the international and all the lives he has colored. He was certain as the God Father of Soul, but I same to deem of him as my God Father. He was the hardest compatible man in show evidence of business organization. The ordinal vision of the world, the one, the single James Brown.



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