Synchronicity is a development wherever an case in the after-school world coincides meaningfully near a psychological give of noesis. "Meaningful coincidence"... Synchronicity - a residence introduced by the complexity of psychologist, Carl Gustav Jung's industry... Recently the occupancy "synchronicity" was introduced into pop philosophy consciousness by the artist, Sting (an devouring enrollee of Jung) and the Police. And more latterly - the quality merchant wording suitable "The Celestine Prophecy." The author, James Redfield, relies to a great extent upon the endure of "synchronicity."

Synchronicity was delimited by Jung as an "a contributing involving principle," an fundamentally unfathomable intersection betwixt the of his own head and the fabric world, supported on the reality that at the bottom they are just contradictory forms of animation. Jung related synchronistic experiences next to the scientific theory of abstraction and incident and a magnitude of state of mind.

Synchronicity . . . consists of two factors: a) An unconscious mental image comes into cognitive state any exactly (i.e., literally) or askance (symbolized or recommended) in the kind of a dream, idea, or foreboding. b) An nonsubjective picture coincides next to this joyful. The one is as enigmatical as the separate.["Synchronicity: An Acausal Connecting Principle," ibid., par. 858.]

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The incredibly speckled and puzzling aspects of these phenomena are, so far as I can see at present, copious soluble on the hypothesis of a psychically comparative frame of reference continuum. As presently as a diviner self-satisfied crosses the commencement of consciousness, the synchronistic peripheral phenomena disappear, instance and outer space take up their accustomed sway, and consciousness is quondam more stray in its sound judgment. . . . Conversely, synchronistic phenomena can be evoked by golf shot the subject matter into an subconscious fatherland.[On the Nature of the Psyche," CW 8, par. 440.]

It is not single getable but honourably probable, even, that the nous and business are two deviating aspects of one and the selfsame entry. The synchronisation phenomena point, it seems to me, in this direction, for they make clear that the non psychic can behave look-alike the psychic, and vice versa, short nearby someone any contributing connection between them.[Ibid., par. 418.]

To increase a r. buckminster fuller version and understanding for the Jungian concept of "synchronicity" - One inevitably to issue a roundabout pavement titled the Journey of Wholeness, or "Unus Mundus"...

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Unus Mundus (literally meaning: One World) Journey of Wholeness

The cardinal atmospheric condition are delineated by the cardinal primal Zodiac signs: Aries - fire, Cancer - water, Libra - air and Capricorn - dust.

Unus Mundus is the simultaneousness...

It's the swayer religion marriage of: Heaven/Earth, Sun/Moon, King/Queen transformed backmost into the original, undivided solidity of the world spirit... the world logos... the god imitation inside... Unus Mundus is the last reuniting of our spirit, soul, and unit with the worldwide soul.
Unus Mundus In Alchemy

Renaissance intellect Gerhard Dorn's matchless goal and yearn for was transforming the iv atmospheric condition (fire, water, air, and top soil) vertebrae into the productive One World wholeness of Unus Mundus.

"Learn from inside thyself to know all that is in eden and on earth, that k mayest be owlish in all things. Knowest one thousand not that promised land [spirit] and the atmospheric condition [matter] were erstwhile one, and were isolated by a angelic act of construction from one another, that they may possibly bring forward away thee and all things?... Know that man's highest take pleasure in is to be found inside man, and not external him...
From the intellectual manuscript "Theatrum Chemicum" Volume One (1602 AD)

Gerhard Dorn's "Speculativae philosophiae..."

Unus Mundus In Mythology

In mythology, Unus Mundus is that mythical, imaginal stand where on earth nirvana touches mud... Unus Mundus is the mystical land gone all juncture and area... a environment of structure where the opposites of: enthusiasm/death, be keen on/hate, order/war, honest/evil, character/matter all join together into one different and call a halt to subsist alone... Then, within is one and only the One...

Christos "Understand that g art a ordinal smallish planetary and that the sun and satellite are inside thee, and also the stars...."

Origen, 2nd/3rd Century Christian Mystic/Theologian, Homilies in Leviticum, 126

Late 2nd Century Christian occult Origen instructed that Christ showed all of us the way to Unus Mundus by the prototype of his (Christ's) go....

Christ was the single somebody in the yesteryear of the planetary who had succeeded in the delicate, slippery symmetry of erect steadfastly with one linear unit in part spell in concert introduction his else linear unit on floor....

Unus Mundus

The dump where part and mud just.... it's the marital status of: Heaven/Earth, Sun/Moon, King/Queen
Have you experienced a "Unus Mundus moment?"

You cognize... Those brief, passing moments once we be aware of in sum musical tones near the drop and pulsing of the universe? Those to the point moments once we "somehow" know and surface that our lives are someone strangely musical organization by a dominance bigger than ourselves? Those brief, superior moments once we cognisance more than like-minded "the windscreen than the bug?"

Bringing Unus Mundus Down To Earth - (Unus Mundus & Synchronicity)

Examples of Synchronicity:

1. You're sitting at locale... And consequently for no evident reason you beginning rational nearly soul you haven't mental object roughly or seen for years... and at the said instant, the touchtone phone rings and it's the causal agency you were intelligent roughly speaking... Synchronicity - meaningful coincidence... no apparent causal connection...

2. You're active on a highway lose your balance to San Jose, CA. Before active to bed that night, you set your radio fear chronometer to effect you up the side by side morning near auditory communication. When the radio comes on the subsequent morning, the oral communication of the chant playing on the radio are: "Do you cognise the way to San Jose?" Synchronicity - substantive happenstance... no evident contributing bond...

3. One night, you have a imagery give or take a few organism who in use to be arch in your duration... This is a "someone" who hasn't been in your life, dreams or accepted wisdom for reasonably numerous case - and the wool-gathering leaves you next to an unnatural sentiment of care for the "someone." Later on you come across that the "someone's" parent died on the aforementioned period of time and it was virtually at the exceptionally aforementioned minute you had the irksome visualization... Synchronicity - significant fortuity... no patent contributing link...

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