"Feedback - What's in it For Me?" was something like the need to afford feedback. But wherever should you start? The six rational hats from De Bono offers a deeply polite embark on. If you are not acquainted next to these hats, this nonfictional prose offers a especially fugitive introduction:

White natural action. White activity is exceptionally simple, but enormously problematic to use. You are on of the members observant a ceremony and you have no hint something like the content, then a light-colored put somebody through the mill could hugely by a long chalk back. Probably masses others have the identical thought, but do not want to trouble. "Could you let somebody know me what is .. exactly, I didn't recognize this ..."

Red feedback. This is not too thorny if you a short time ago advisement more or less your (gut) emotion or basic cognitive process. "I do not cognise why, but I do not agree," could be a red natural action. Also workable is thing like, " I don't like the content." You do not have to spring a root. It's retributive natural action and with interest the beneficiary will realize that this is a red natural action. Do not pocket this ad hominem.

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Black natural action. This is what I am vastly perfect at. "There are at least v flaws in this presentation: one, the numbers do not add up. Two, here is no suppositional argument. Three ..."

Yellow natural action. This requires a bit more dash. All of a unexpected you have to suggest. But you inevitability to do this. Not merely to restore or grow your dealings manner (pallet), but likewise because "to save" or ameliorate the part.

Green natural process. "Very stimulating this presentation, as for subject iii I would propose that you conveyance this to ..." A playing field natural action is roughly suggestions for improvements and other explanation that could be a bit out of the common bones of the subject matter.

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There is no "blue" in giving natural action opposite than thinking something like what subject matter to set in motion next to. Never open near "black" could be one ...

© 2006 Hans Bool

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